Learned Cultures (Chinese)

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Chinese Culture: A Brief Overview

When we are talking about the Chinese cultures, we are talking about one of the oldest and most complex concepts of all. Most of their values originate fro Taoism and Confucianism. Major influences of both music and literature came from 'The Book of Songs' and the popular Chinese poet and statesman Qu Yuan. Foot binding and decorative symbols such as the phoenix are famous amongst Chinese cultural fashion. Finally, another major aspect of culture is cuisine. Chinese cuisine is unique because people there eat with chopsticks instead of fork and knife. It handles a variety of spices, poultry (duck/fried chicken), rice etc. Lastly, there are also different types of cuisines in the Chinese Culture. Naming just a few, the Shandong Cuisine, the Fujian Culture, the Hunan Cuisine, and the Zhejiang Cuisine.

All in all, this culture is very unique and antique and has loads of educative aspects to learn about!
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