Traditional Clothing

Dirndl is a traditional clothing commonly worn by southern German (Bavarian) or Austrian women. Most people from 25 and above wear a Dirndl nowadays.

Due to evolution and globalization, German teens wear nearly the same as American teenagers do. However, many wear sandals with socks, clogs, or loafers.
T-shirts of all colors are usually worn in summer but usually bright colors. Germans also wear a lot of jeans usually only blue ones with sandals. Germans also like to wear T-shirts with US slogans or places of interest. In winter, we wear thick clothing; a t-shirt, a pullover and a coat. We also wear fur boots. These are all worn tight. In winter, it is really cold so everything is long sleeved and in summer, it is really hot so Germans usually wear spaghetti tops or short sleeved.

To school, Germans often wear a white blouse with a black cardigan and blue jeans. Polo’s are usually worn by boys. All either wear boots or black leather shoes. On the other hand, to parties or to dinners, Germans usually wear smart casual dresses or suits… To church, girls also like to wear dresses mostly cream colors. Boys wear suits or simply formal shirts with black pants…
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